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The Failing Light

The Failing Light is a fantasy short film I wrote and directed about two elf sisters forced to cross through a cursed forest to get to a healer. It's a story about hope in the darkest of times and was released in 2021.
Casey Glaude , Brenna Jones , Fontessa E. Brooker , Cat Casey Garcia , Mark Connelly Wilson ,

Connie Cosmos

A new sci-fi fiction podcast in the style of old radio adventure serials! I wrote and directed this 13 episode web series / podcast that was released in 2020. It can be listened to as a fiction podcast or the recording of the live performance can be watched on Youtube.
Abigail Rose , Brenna Jones , Cat Casey Garcia , Josh Skurnik , Beau Paul , Alan Adelberg , Courtney Mentzel , Hannah Rose Barfoot , Chase Gladden , J. Derek Howard ,

Tea Time

A short, steampunk comedy film I wrote and directed about a mad scientist dealing with professional rejection a bit....poorly. After being successfully Kickstarted , the film was made with a small passionate team and released in 2014.
Erin Heckel , William Gantt , Adrielle Perkins ,