A new sci-fi fiction podcast in the style of old radio adventure serials!  

“Equipped with only her communicator ring, robotic arm and quick wit, Connie Cosmos fights all manner of fearsome foes. Join Connie and all her equally compelling friends as they tangle with the great galactic evil of Zander Zar. Can our heroes stop evil and still find their way back home to Earth? Find out on the exciting first season of Connie Cosmos!” 

This was my first time writing a full season of a show and it was a wonderful challenge. I have always had a love of sci-fi both new and old, but I found a special charm in the old adventure serials such as Flash Gordan, Buck Rogers, etc. I wanted to take what was special about them and bring them into more modern storytelling with greater character depth and drama, while still maintaining that campy charm.  

Production was four days total (two days rehearsal and two days filming). We shot on location in the Lyric theater in Brownwood, TX. We shot with five cameras and even had a live foley artist who did the sound effects while the performers were recording.  

This series is really special for me. A great deal went into this one and I can’t begin to thank the cast and crew enough for helping me create this show that I’m absolutely thrilled with. The whole team on this project all loved it and we became fast friends. While Covid did slow down development, more seasons are planned!